1. Meaningful and Effective Inter-Generational Partnerships

To catalyze meaningful debates, consultations, dialogues and collaborations between the youth (including students) and the multi-sector policy-and-decision-makers in co-creating sustainable ecosystem restoration policies, solutions, and implementable actions through sustainable youth-adult allies’ partnerships.

2. Sustainable and Collective On-the-ground

To inspire and incentivize collective community-based restorative actions by the young ecosystem restoration champions, the duty holders, the multi-sector stakeholders, and the general public in restoring the Kenyan ecosystem.

3. Groundbreaking Innovations

To provide a conducive, supportive and thriving multi-sector platform for young ecosystem restoration innovators to actualize and advance their restorative ideas and solutions geared towards accelerating the Kenyan ecosystem restoration efforts and actions.

4. Sustainable Financing and Partnerships

To establish innovative mechanisms to mobilize sufficient funds and strategic partnerships needed by the alliance for a vibrant and long-term ecosystem restoration across the vulnerable rural communities and cities/towns in the country.