In 2021, the United Nations General Assembly, through Resolution 73/284, proclaimed 2021–2030 the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (hereafter the “UN Decade”) in recognition of the systemic comparative advantages of ecosystem restoration to improve human health and well-being and biodiversity conservation everywhere and anywhere across the world.

The UN Decade aims at catalyzing a global movement of ecosystem restoration among local communities, activists, women, youth, children, indigenous groups, private companies, financial investors, researchers, organizations, and governments at all levels. More succinctly, the second layer of the UN Decade strategy encourages self-orchestrated initiatives by actors and stakeholders to take or engage in restorative efforts around the world through multiple self-selected approaches, mechanisms, programs, and activities.

And drawing strong motivation and initiative from the benchmark upon which the UN Decade lays its ten year-strong strategy (largely anchored on sound science, inclusive partnerships, people-centric actions, and youth power), the Kenyan youth from the vulnerable communities together with other progressive pro-youth institutions are proactively forging a common front in taking a leading and bolder role to support the on-the-ground nationwide implementation of the UN Decade. Everyone has a critical role to play in amplifying the #GenerationRestoration movement.