The alliance gears towards establishing broad-based and inclusive intergenerational multi-sector and multi-stakeholder empowerment platforms that bring together the youth, social sector actors, private sector actors, public sector actors, and other development partners to facilitate shared visioning, co-creation, shared responsibility, shared risk, and shared resourcing for well-coordinated actions that ensure broader and sustainable ecosystem outcomes at grassroots level.

KERA is leveraging existing networks, platforms, and resources to upscale the ecosystem restoration agenda across the country through systemic and innovative approaches that mold and enhance systemic public awareness and education; multidimensional public advocacy and lobbying; sustainable multi-sector partnerships; innovation development and management; transparent Monitoring, Evaluation, Adaptive and Learning management; and continued collective local & national conversations.

In drawing its Action Plan (2025 – 2030), the alliance and its partners commit to implement four of the twelve UN Decade Challenges, thus, adapting them as follows: (i) Holistic and Responsive Education (ii) Regenerative Local AgriFood Systems (iii) Inclusive Business and Philanthropy (iv) Sustainable Nature Positive Cities (v) Local System Strengthening.