KERA was founded by a Kenyan youth, youth advocate and social scientist in February 2023. He then mobilized targeted youth serving organizations to join, co-create and co-own the alliance.

In May 2023, six indigenous youth serving organizations had joined and jointly kick-started the process of laying innovative institutional framework for the full-scale operationalization of the alliance. The organization structure constitutes the Core Team and Operation Committees, both encompassing the KERA Interim Strategy Team, mandated to serve from May 2023 – June 2024.

In May 2023, KERA invited five distinguished experts from different strategic disciplines and sectors to join the KERA Interim Strategy Team on a voluntary basis, co-leading the five committees together with selected organization focal points.

In June 2023, the alliance made public call for Kenyan youth across the country to apply as volunteering County Coordinators for the forty-seven counties. In the same month, the alliance made a call for county-based youth-led/youth serving organizations focusing on tree planting drives, climate action and environmental enhancement, and/or ecosystem restoration to join the alliance as the County Affiliates, totaling to forty-eight (48) organizations with Nairobi with eleven (11) sub-counties being divided into two (2) regions – Nairobi East and Nairobi West – for operational efficiencies.

From June 2023, the alliance became fully operational with excellent efficient institutional capacity to discharge its mandates and accomplish its noble mission and mandates to the resilient people of Kenya, local communities, social-economic institutions, nature and biodiversity, and generations to come.