Erick Ombija

Founder & Executive Director

Caroline Dama

Director of Operations

Dr. Ken Auma

Director of Programs

Erick Ombija a social scientist, non-academic researcher, youth advocate, youth-and- children development expert, and full-time community-service youth volunteer with a diverse practice as a social innovator, social development program design expert, community organizer, public policy development advocate, climate & environmental action leader, and zero hunger champion with over eight years of volunteering experience. Erick is the founder of the Grassroots Transforming Network (GTN). He currently volunteers as a Member of the UN Decade Youth Task Force and Global Co- Lead to the UN Decade Food Challenge.

Caroline Dama leads Green World Campaign's flagship operation in Kenya. She has helped initiate regenerative projects with indigenous coastal communities in Arid and Semi-Arid lands including schools, faith-based organizations, youth groups and farmers groups. She leverages on technology to support climate change adaptation projects for vulnerable communities, through introduction of automated incentives that link local communities to much needed resources. She has run physical and digital complementary currency programs as an add-on to existing water catchment and food security projects ensuring holistic socio economic interventions in the rural and peri urban communities while enhancing environmental and economic gains. She provides mentorship for agri businesses under the Restoration Factory Program an Eco-Preneurial incubator program that supports bankable restoration projects.

Dr. Ken is a highly motivated youth development expert who has founded a number of strategic youth-centric institutions and organizations. He is the Executive Chairman at YAFNET. In his professional field, he is a qualified Strategic Health Systems Analyst offering more than 8+ years of health information management and clinical administrative experience within levels 4, 5 and private hospitals and service industries. Results-focused and effectual leader with proven ability to turnaround health information troubled institutions. Talent for proactively identifying and resolving problems - regulatory compliance, record/data integrity, record completion, electronic patient health information, maximizing profitability and, delivering with strategic speed.