Diverse, Multi-Stakeholder, and Multi-Sector Co-Management Structures

The alliance is constructing a network of local and international distinguished specialists to support cross-sector businesses, industries, investors’ projects, and diverse organizations from the construction, logistics, retail, engineering, media, energy, telecom, fishing, agriculture, banking, hospitality, trade, transportation, insurance, and manufacturing in zeroing their negative impact on nature; accelerating their carbon zero strategy; competing more wisely; and revamping their CSR models and strategies.

This aims at remodeling the Kenya’s business, civil society, and development oriented communities while supporting the selected alliance’s programmatic teams. For instance, the “lever 3.3” underlines the establishment and operationalization of a Multi-sector, Multi-discipline, and Kenya-focused Community of Experts (CoE) to provide management consultancy support for businesses, organizations and investors’ projects to become nature positive; which will need diverse specialists in environment, business, sustainability, and organization development.

The alliance will establish an online portal for the selected specialists. Need-based global calls will be made for the specialists to send their applications for consideration to be part of KERA CoE.