The Kenya Ecosystem Restoration Alliance (KERA) is a youth-led, intergeneration-managed, cross-sector, grassroots-focused, and multi-stakeholder-owned national alliance that convenes diverse stakeholders from the government and public sector, private sector, civil society sector, higher education institutions, and bilateral and multinational development partners to work together with the Kenyan youth and children in co-creating actionable and sustainable on-the-ground solutions that halt, prevent, and reverse ecosystem degradation across the country.

KERA has fifty-four (54) member organizations, six founding organizations and forty-eight county affiliates. All of them are indigenous (Kenyan-led, Kenyan-owned and Kenyan-managed), non-governmental, not-for-profit, and youth-and-children serving civil society organizations with impactful presence in all the forty-seven counties in Kenya.

The six founding organizational members provide regional implementation leadership to the County Affiliates within their delegated regions (former administrative provinces except Nairobi which is sub-divided into two regions) while the County Affiliates is to primarily coordinate the alliance’s multi-stakeholder School Greening Project in close collaboration with the relevant government departments.

These fifty-four transformation-driven indigenous organizations are mutually bonded together by their synergistic comparative advantages to champion systemic community-led and village-based change, while placing youth and children on the wheel of this collective national mission, for the prosperous sustainability of the planet, people, and economy.